About the project

IT Company developing software for ecommerce.

Executive and Project Leader

I have been working at iCasa for about three years.

During that time we have built a platform for operating and managing a network of e-commerce websites. The network includes over 20 websites.

Our main goal was to provide all the necessary tools for managers to make administration and operation of the e-commerce websites as easy and automated as posible.

Our main client and partner was CasaModerna.ru.

We've built a full solution e-commerce platform, with tools for sales managers, logists, drivers, administrators, developers, content writers, SEO specialists, customers.

We created tools for:

  • controlled synchronization of the catalogues
  • price management across the network
  • accounting: invoices, estimates, reports...
  • shipment planning and tracking
  • task manager
  • monitoring server load
  • catalogue management
  • shopping card
  • templating
  • a web scraper module which imports collections of products from other online resources and tracks price changes
  • a system to mitigate DDoS attacks on OS and application levels

The platform is still in use and improved all the time.